Meet the Snails

Earl Gilbert is a retired member of the ME Army National Guard. He is a divorced father of three children who follow his interests in computer technology and gaming.

He is a “whatever” to an adventurous little hobbit that he follows up steep mountain trails and crawls behind on narrow cliff ledges. He is reacquainting himself with his love of the outdoors, after a long absence, with the encouragement of his little Hobbit Lady and looking forward to sharing more adventures with her.

Donna Doyon is a long-time hiker wannabe. She dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail as a teen-ager but tucked that dream away soon after reaching adulthood.

In 2013 she started taking short hikes with Earl and shared her dream. She also admitted that since moving to Maine in 1992, she had wanted to climb Mt. Katahdin.

In 2014, that dream was achieved!

 Together Earl and Donna are having fun climbing mountains, taking breaks–lots of breaks, and meeting people on the trails.

If you see them, be sure to say Hello and strike up a conversation!