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New Beginnings – Coincidence? I Think Not

January 1, 2015.¬†Happy New Year! That’s what we always say, right?

It’s kind of awesome that I’m starting this new website and blog on January 1st. It’s the perfect day for new beginnings. I wish I could say that I’d planned it this way, but I didn’t. I just happened to choose this day to act upon an idea that had been spinning in my head for a few months.

In 2014 I discovered a comforting joy in hiking in the woods. Although I have dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail since I was a teenager, and I flirted with the idea of climbing Mt. Katahdin when I moved to Maine in 1991, I am definitely not your typical outdoorsy type woman.

Basically, I’m a scaredy cat.

But in the fall of 2013, I was seeing a man who was willing to take me into the woods and climb mountains with me. We were both out of shape and not prepared to hike even the lower elevation mountains. But it was something we enjoyed doing together.

In 2014 we revisited those low elevation mountains that had kicked our butts on the first attempt. With each mountain we climbed, our confidence and interest grew. No longer were we couch potatoes, happily watching life pass us by on the screens of the TV set or computer monitor. Instead we were Snails on Trails, watching other hikers pass us by on the trails in the Maine and New Hampshire woods.

So all that led me to starting this Snails on Trails website and blog. My goal is to share my adventures and inspire other couch potatoes to take a walk in the woods. The pace you travel on the trail does not matter. In fact, if you slow down a bit, I may just catch up with you.