Stacking Wood for Maine Huts & Trails

Earl and I had a great time volunteering at Maine Huts & Trails‘ Poplar Ridge Hut.¬†Our volunteer project involved hauling wood from the outside storage shed to the basement and then stacking it neatly. We envisioned having to haul armloads of wood down steep cellar stairs. Luckily our vision was wrong!

Instead, we carried armloads of wood to the side of the hut and dropped it thru a cubby door in the side of the building. Armloads and armloads of split logs went crashing to the floor. Once the pile was big enough (or when my hands got cold enough) we went inside and stacked the logs into neat rows.

We were just about ready to break for lunch when our partners for the task arrived. Together, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch of chicken soup and freshly baked bread. Then we got back to work.

Four sets of arms and legs definitely made the job easier! The four of us dropped wood into the basement until the pile seemed big enough. Katie and Josh went inside and stacked the wood. Earl and I stayed outside and stacked a pile on the porch.

After about 3 1/2 hours of stacking wood, Earl and I stopped for the day. Katie and Josh continued working and made tremendous progress. We guessed it would only take us an hour or two to finish the job on Sunday morning.

The remainder of Saturday was spent relaxing and talking with other guests to the Hut. On Sunday morning we managed to finish the job in the expected two hours. To honor our commitment to work eight hours, we took on different tasks inside the hut. Katie and Josh were sent upstairs to organize the games; Earl and I swept and mopped the dining area.

We had snowshoed into the hut and snowshoed back out to our car. We had such an amazing time we signed up to haul wood at another hut in a couple of weekends!


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