Ribz Front Pack Review

Super excited to share my first gear review video with you!

If you’ve been curious about the gray front pack I wear when hiking, now you can learn all about it. It is the Ribz Front Pack.

Check out my YouTube video review.

Disclaimer: I purchased this Ribz Front Pack with my own money. I do not have a business relationship with any businesses/link in this review.

One of the challenges I had when hiking was limited access to items that I needed while hiking. The small pockets on the hip belt of my pack were too small and too difficult to reach. My short T-Rex arms just couldn’t reach and maneuver the zipper comfortably. I purchased two small pouches and threaded them onto my hipbelt. This helped, but they were still small, and when I switched packs, I also had to unthread and rethread these pouches onto the other pack.

Last fall as I was anticipating winter hiking here in Maine, I started looking for a better solution. I wish I could remember what search terms I used or where I first read about the RIBZ Front Pack. I wish I could remember how long it took me from learning about this amazing product until I actually purchased it. Typically I am not a spontaneous shopper, so I am certain I contemplated making this purchase for a week or more before actually hitting the purchase button.

I do remember that when my RIBZ Front Pack arrived, I was super excited. I immediately tried the front pack on and adjusted the straps. I stuffed food and supplies in the two main pockets. I admired the pack in the mirror; and checked to see how the straps lay across my back. I donned my larger pack to see how the double straps felt on my shoulders.

My excitement grew!

It would take me several hikes to determine what items I wanted to carry in the RIBZ Front Pack and which I would carry in my regular pack, but now my front pack remains at-the-ready for whatever hike we want. I keep many of my basic needed-for-every-hike items (like a spoon!) in my front pack. Maps are carried in my front pack. A hat and gloves and snacks are kept in the front pack.

As for the technical specifications for the RIBZ Front Pack:

  • It is made of 210d water resistant ripstop nylon. I have used this pack while hiking approximately 200-250 miles in the year I’ve had it. The fabric and webbing straps still look like new. We’ve hiked in the rain several times and I don’t recall being aware of wet items in the front pack. Having written that, though, I typically zip my rain jacket over the front pack, so that would definitely protect the pack. But when hiking in light rain or warm rain, I don’t typically put on my rain jacket.
  • It weighs about 11 oz. Yes, for weight-conscious hikers, that might seem like a significant amount of extra weight to carry. For me, the convenience the RIBZ Front Pack offers far outweighs (pun intended) the 11 oz that it weighs.

I definitely recommend the RIBZ front pack to anyone who wants to have easy access to their small, but important items.



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