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Six Moon Designs tarp and net tent for ultralight backpacking.
Six Moon Designs tarp and net tent for ultralight backpacking.


We invested in a Six Moon Designs ultralight tarp and net tent to take with us on our adventures this summer. We had quite a time putting it up. It didn’t help that I was a bit snarky after working 12 days straight. Sorry, Earl! 🙂

We realized that unless we improve our set up time (which I am confident we will), we will have to stop hiking by noontime to have time to get it in place before nightfall. HA HA Okay, I’m kidding, but it did take us a while. Thank goodness for Google searches on how to tie knots!

We slept in it last night. The nighttime temp was in the 40s. We had two different types of sleeping pads which provide some insulation value and comfort. I have a Big Agnes Q-Core SL pad. Earl has a Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite. My pad proved more comfortable than his, but since I kept sliding off mine, we both had a pretty tough night’s sleep.

We were, however, warm beneath our Enlightened Equipment quilt.

We stuck it out until around 6 a.m., then we came inside, crawled in bed, and slept for four hours. I guess we needed.

We now have a few things to research to improve our sleeping comfort. And if we can’t improve it, at least we are better prepared for what we will experience on the trail. I’m confident with the many resources available, we’ll gain comfort (without too much weight increase) with each overnight endeavor.

So remember… practice runs are always a good idea.

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