Great Bay Wildlife Refuge, Newington, NH


We had the pleasure of joining some of Earl’s co-workers for a hike at the Great Bay Wildlife Refuge in Newington, NH.

There are actually two trails at this location.

One is a shorter trail that to Peverly Pond. This trail is about a half-mile long and was mostly boardwalk. I couldn’t tell if the boardwalks served the purpose of protecting wetlands or if was to make the trail wheelchair friendly.

Whatever the reason, the boardwalk was lovely and blended into the woods as much as a boardwalk can.

The second trail is a 2-mile loop that starts at the Former Weapons Storage Facility (that was part of Pease Air Force Base). The trail follows a fenced area for a short distance, before breaking off into a field and then into the woods.

The hike was easy and because we were hiking with a group our pace was slower. We barely generated enough heat to stay warm. Once we reached the view point at the Great Bay, the man who coordinated this hike brought out a thermos of hot cocoa and paper cups.

The obligatory group photo was taken, snacks were eaten, and then we continued walking.

I have found there are many such woodsy havens located near me. We have started to explore some, but admit that we are elevation and distance snobs now. We like both. These shorter, flatter walks are not as satisfying, but I still enjoy them immensely. It’s wonderful knowing they are here for those days when we can’t drive to the mountains or have only a few hours for adventuring.

Ask family and friends about the hidden treasures in your area. If you are new to hiking, these are a great place to start. If you are a hiking pro, don’t overlook these gems. Remember to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Happy trails!


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