Gearing Up for Winter Hiking

New England is showing her colors and we are planning ahead for the winter to come. Last winter we continued to hike but ran in to icy conditions that required us to turn around several times.

We did have Hillsound crampons on our feet which provided decent traction on icy trails, but we were not prepared to handle the steep granite slabs near many Maine summits.

Last week Earl researched ice axes and ordered one. I have been doing my own research (sometimes what a woman needs is slightly different from what a man needs for gear) and plan to wait to check out Earl’s Petzl Summit 2 ice axe before making a final decision.

Funny thing is (at least to me), last winter I researched ice axes and considered buying one. When I mentioned this to Earl, he poo-pooed me, saying we didn’t need them; we didn’t know how to use them; and they were just extra weight to carry.

After the icy conditions of last winter, he has changed his tune. We do need them. We can learn how to use them. The extra weight just might save our lives!

While we are still enjoying our fall hikes, we are also planning and preparing for winter ones. I do love this year around activity!

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