First Hike of the Year

View along the trail in Clifford Park, Biddeford, ME
View along the trail in Clifford Park, Biddeford, ME

After working a few hours this morning and then attending the funeral services for a dear friend, I needed time and space in the woods.

Luckily my neighbor was willing to leave the warmth of her home to join me for a 3-mile trek through the woods. We went to Clifford Park, a local treasure that I only discovered about a year ago. The temperature was in the mid teens, but my merino wool base layers and down jacket kept me toasty warm.

I am grateful for the woods and a good friend to share them with. Although today’s walk could not completely shed the heavy blanket of sadness that had covered my heart earlier in the day, it helped. I felt better and my heart felt lighter.

R.I.P. Liz Patterson. You were an amazing woman and an inspiration to so many. Please watch over me as I hike through the woods.

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