Castle in the Clouds – Again

Earl had to work for a few hours on Saturday morning so I suggested we go back to the Castle in the Clouds. It’s about an hour and a half drive for us and the trails are pretty easy on the legs. I thought this would get us outside, but wouldn’t be too strenuous. This was important because we planned to to do a 10-mile hike up the Baldfaces on Sunday.

The plan was to hike 2.5 miles up Mt. Roberts (where I hiked last Saturday). Earl had not climbed this 2580′ mountain yet. I was also hoping we would cover a couple more of the trails in the Lake Region Conservation Trusts’ Castle in the Clouds list so I could earn a patch for hiking all the trails.

Earl with Lake Winnipesaukee in the background
Earl at the summit of Mount Roberts. Mt Washington can be seen from this spot.
Although I had jokingly texted Earl that it would be a “gentle hike to stretch our legs” and that “10 miles should be enough to stretch our legs” and “Just kidding on the 10 miles tomorrow,” I really didn’t expect to hike 10 miles on Saturday. I thought it would be approximately 7 or 8 miles total.

It was only when I was looking at the trail map today that I discovered we had missed a turn (and thus more direct route) back to the trailhead.
It  has happened to me before at Castle in the Clouds. The trail signs can be a little confusing. Consider yourself warned!

Despite the extra miles we walked, it was a lovely day to be out in the woods.

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