Month: March 2016

Presumpscot River Preserve, Falmouth, ME

Not every hike has to be a mountain or a great distance from home. We are fortunate to live in an area where there are many shorter trails that can be walked in an hour or two.

The Presumpscot River Preserve in Falmouth, ME is a trail I’ve been wanting to share with Earl for a couple of years. Funny how some of the sites and attractions closest to home are the ones we rarely enjoy. I think we get in the “it will always be there” frame of mind and then never get there.

But we did finally get there.

The calm before the falls.

There were some historical markers at the falls telling the story of the dam that no longer exists. Local trails like this frequently have educational information on display.
We stopped at the Falmouth Hannaford store after our hike. Earl noticed a bridge at the edge of the parking lot. After using the restrooms and buying some water (silly us for hiking packless–meaning waterless and snackless!) we crossed the bridge to see what was on the other side.

We discovered another section of Falmouth Land Trust trail that runs along the other side of the river. It was a nice surprise!
The picture below shows a section where erosion was wreaking havoc with the trail. We definitely stayed away from the edges as we walked!
There are still other trails in our local area that we have not explored. We do enjoy the higher mountains, the bigger challenges. But that’s us. These local trails are a great option for people new to hiking or when you only have an hour or so to head outside.

Do you have undiscovered trails in your community? Do a Google search or talk with friends to find out where they are. These local trails can be great places to start your hiking adventures. You can gain confidence, get comfortable with your gear, and develop your trail legs.
Happy Hiking!